We do cutting-edge research in security and AI

Scammers constantly use new tactics to evolve and evade detection. The rise of generative AI tools will lead to a new era of scams.

Research is our superpower in combating the ever evolving scam landscape

Ashwini Rao, PhD - CEO Eydle

We are committed to providing solutions that can protect our customers from even the most advanced scams.

Amazing team behind our company

A world-class team of experts and leaders in cybersecurity and AI, and top talent from MIT, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon.

Ashwini Rao, PhD

Cofounder & CEO

Information security leader and engineer. Ex-CISO of TransUnion-backed fintech startup, Spring Labs. Formerly engineer at Qualcomm and Appian.

PhD, TU Munich; MS, Carnegie Mellon and IIT Bombay.

Developed world’s first grammar-aware password cracker. Influenced policy at US FTC, PCAST and Supreme Court.

Birendra Jha, PhD

Cofounder & Chief Scientist

AI and computational engineer. Professor at the University of Southern California. Formerly engineer at Schlumberger and Occidental.

Best MIT PhD award and MS from Stanford.

Developed world’s first human-induced earthquake simulator. NSF CAREER award. 100+ publications. Won $5M+ in research grants.

Steve Kinman

Advisor — Information Security

Thomas Kornmeier

Advisor — Enterprise Sales

Gaurav Thorat

Advisor — Cyber Security, SEA region

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