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Your social media identity is valuable. 1 in 8 have been impersonated on social media. Impersonation scams tarnish brand reputation, decrease follower engagement and drive away customers to your competitors. We make it easy to protect your brand. Don't stress alone. Get our Monitor and Takedown service today.

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Absolutely love ❤️ what you guys do. It's helping a lot!!

Luke N.

It's a huge relief to have Eydle take care of fake profiles. Must have if you care about your reputation.

Elizabeth K.

Awesome! Thank you so much. This is an amazing service and very appreciated!

Brian D.



We proactively scan social media and notify you of profiles that impersonate you or your brand.Platforms we monitor: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTubeWe notify you through the Eydle dashboard and push notifications.


We use best practices to take down profiles that impersonate you or your brand.We determine the right basis for takedown e.g. ID theft, copyright violation, trademark infringement etc.We submit takedown request as your authorized representative.

AI-Powered. Human Backed

Eydle Platform

Cutting-edge artificial intelligence and deep learning models perform visual analysis just like a cybersecurity expert would to identify and report profiles impersonating you and your brand.Our technology is powered by AI and backed by humans. While AI allows us to scale and make our services affordable to all, our team of analysts adds oversight to ensure that AI is acting responsibly.

Team Eydle

We founded Eydle with a vision to be a social media security company for the 200 million businesses on social media. Today, the age-old question of "who am I?" has largely become "who am I on social media?". Current solutions for protecting our valuable social media identity are at best haphazard and broken. Team Eydle is on a mission to fix this, so you can focus on building your business without worrying about scammers hurting your brand.We are a team of innovative and entrepreneurial minds from MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon and IIT. We are world-class experts in cybersecurity and AI with 20+ years experience in leadership and research, and have built and deployed real-world systems at scale. Our headquarters is in Los Angeles and our people are spread over North America, Africa and Asia. Eydle is proud to be a part of NVIDIA Inception and AWS Activate startup programs.

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