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How Generative AI is Fueling Social Media Scams

The future of artificial intelligence (AI) is looking incredibly promising, according to the experts at Next Move Strategy Consulting. They predict that the current market

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Fake App Scams

Latest scams in the Google Android Play Store With 3.5 million Android apps, no wonder Google Play Store is very popular. Well, where there is popularity,


Impersonating CNN and Wall Street Journal

How misinformation spreads on social media Deep fakes, which are manipulated photos and videos, have received a lot of attention in the news media. This Wall


Rise in Impersonation Attacks Related to Ukraine

Impersonation used for donation scams and misinformation The events happening in Europe are heartbreaking. Sadly, when we are emotionally vulnerable, our defenses are lower, and


Role of Anchor Boxes in Transfer Learning

Flawed usage of anchor boxes introduces bias in AI Figure 1. Anchor box around Chase Bank logo At Eydle, we protect brands from phishing attacks on websites,